Sustainability for Tour Operators

Sustainability is both integral and essential to the future success of any business.

Training seminar

Tokyo, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st December 2019

Sustainability has many advantages for your company. During this two-day training you will learn more on sustainability in tourism. What’s in it for you and how to benefit from best practices? Find out how to meet the requirements of European buyers in terms of environmental and social issues and generate more quality business on the EU market.


What will you learn?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of sustainability in tourism

  • Recognize the key environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of tour operators (inbound/outbound)

  • Identify the types of actions tour operators and hotels can take in the field of transport, accommodation, excursions and customer communication

  • Identify quick wins for your own business and for your suppliers

  • Set realistic sustainability targets and identify methods of measuring success

  • Identify personal sustainability USP’s (Unique Selling Points)

  • Communicate sustainability achievements in an effective way to your clients

  • Use your sustainability achievements to create more business (marketing)



This course is intended to be a hands-on learning experience using a mixture of the following learning techniques/tools:

  • Presentations

  • Group discussions and brainstorm exercises

  • Group and individual role-play

  • Question and answer exercises

  • Problem solving exercises


Using what has been learned


After completion of the training, you will be offered support, through the Travelife sustainability system, in the use and implementation of the knowledge, methods and tools that have been acquired in the training. The ultimate goal is to prepare you for sustainability recognition in order to increase your competitiveness in the global markets.


Who should attend?


  • Company Executives, contracting and marketing managers of tour operators catering for the international market.

  • Higher and middle management of travel associations and tourism boards concerned with assisting tour operators on a daily basis.

Participants should have relevant experience in the tourism business.



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